1. Save Money

Save sewage charges, water charges, electricity-saving, detergents, dish cleaner salaries, mandatory provident fund, labor insurance, long service payment, alimony and other welfare expenditure.

2. Increase Profitability

The rental costs in Hong Kong are definitely high. Make effective use of every area in order to control costs and increase profit. Save more valuable spaces for not setting dishwashing spaces.

3. Reduce Industry Malignant Competition

After the implementation of Statutory Minimum Wage in Hong Kong, fewer people are willing to join an offensive job. The salary of those dish cleaners is parity with the other primary industries, causing the serious shortage of manpower. By only increase in employee salaries, benefits and compensation, it brings more serious competition among industries, but this cannot be a long-term and effective solution to the underlying problem, increasing operating costs and burdens.

4. Improve Cost Effectiveness

The fees of Wash Up and to hire a dish cleaners are comparable, customers can enjoy great cleaning standard as international hotel specifications.